Michael Gebis

I have been professionally hacking on software since 1986 when my sixteen line basic program, "Space Caverns", was published in Run Magazine.

In my current incarnation, I'm a C/C++/Python guy with a focus on systems programming. I've worked on everything from embedded firmware for SSDs, to cross-platform Windows/Linux kernel drivers, to control software for network test systems, to

When I am debugging, I am a methodical and tenacious SOB.

Someday there will be a resume here, but today is not that day.

The name of this site, "Ivy Mike", comes from the name of the first hydrogren bomb which was detonated at 19:14:59.4 31 October 1952. As a child of the cold war, the fact that such a terrifying and significant device shared my name has always been a source of fascination.