De-Agonizing Performance Self-Evaluations

By Michael Gebis, Wed 14 October 2020, in category Work

When I worked at medium-to-large companies, I used to dread the yearly "performance self-assessments". Not that I didn't want a raise, but writing about my own performance was agonizing. It reminded me of writing college entrance essays, another torturous process for me.

But at some point, I figured out the key to a quick and easy self-assessment. Think of how promotions work: My manager goes to a meeting of his peers, led by their manager, and they go around the room and make a case for promoting each of their employees. I just need to make sure that my manager mentions all of the good stuff I did that year.

For my next self-assessment, I wrote up a short bulleted list, one sentence each of every thing I wanted my manager to say in that meeting. That's it--it was shorter than this blog entry. This approach may not work for every company or manager, but my manager at the time told me it was exactly what he wanted.

Good luck!