How I Set Up a New Windows 10 Machine

By Michael Gebis, Mon 22 February 2021, in category Windows

I set up a new Windows laptop recently, giving me a chance to take inventory of what software I use on a regular basis. I find it interesting to peek behind the curtain to see how other developers work; maybe you will too. If nothing else this will help me next time I set up a laptop.

This ended up being a lot bigger than I thought it would be. No wonder setting up a new laptop is such a pain. I'll try to keep this updated as my process changes.

Edit: A friend pointed out my list is very similar to the Hanselman Ultimate Tools List but I swear it was just convergent evolution. Well, until now, when I start to steal from him.

Web Browsers

Chat and mail

Because nobody agrees, and nobody federates, we're stuck with chat Balkanization.

System tools


Developer tools

Applications and tools specific to my software development process.

Text Editors

Why would I need more than one editor? Sometimes I like to take notes in one while editing code in another; this way if something freezes or I close a workspace, etc, the other editor isn't affected.

Environments and languages

System debugging


Things I'm working on but may not need on every system. Partial endorsement.