How To Remove Fiberglass (And Other Tricky) Splinters.

By Michael Gebis, Tue 16 March 2021, in category Tips

Do you like splinter jokes? Because things are about to get out of hand.

OK, that groaner out of the way: I was wiring a house for Ethernet last weekend and in the process I got multiple persnickety fiberglass splinters in the tip of my finger. It was one of those "it doesn't really hurt, but it's really annoying, and actually come to think of it if I accidentally brush it the wrong way it does really hurt" splinters.

Here's my splinter bag-of-tricks:

Sadly, none of these worked--I think the microscopic fiberglass shards had broken off and were essentially invisible. I couldn't get a grip on or even see all of the little shards.

So as a last resort, I put a thin layer of Elmer's Glue on my fingertip, let it dry, and peeled it off. (This is a lot of fun). By the way, it is nearly impossible to find a non-gross picture of peeling Elmer's Glue. This is the best I could do:

Elmer's Glue Peel

Cut to the chase: The glue pulled the splinters out like magic, and I can finally type without going bonkers.